GNU Pascal

GNU Pascal 2.1

The GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) is the Pascal compiler of the GNU family

The GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) is, as the name says, the Pascal compiler of the GNU family .

Main features:

- GPC is a 32/64 bit compiler,
- does not have limits like the 64 kB or 640 kB limit known from certain operating systems – even on those systems –,
- runs on all operating systems supported by GNU C, including
- GNU Hurd,
- Linux on Intel, AMD64, Sparc, Alpha, S390, and all other supported types of hardware,
- the BSD family: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
- DOS with 32 bits, using DJGPP or EMX,
- MS-Windows 9x/NT, using CygWin or mingw or MSYS,
- OS/2 with EMX,
- Mac OS X,
- Alpha-DEC-OSF,
- Sparc-Sun-Solaris,
- HP/UX,

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